Tyler, Texas Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyers – Helpful Guidelines

Being placed under arrest is one of the most frightening and intimidating experiences a person will ever endure. There is very little you can do — and very little that you should do — in that moment.

At the moment of arrest, the police have all the power. You will have opportunities to correct injustices later with an attorney’s help, but in that moment, it is in your best interest to recognize that you cannot seize control of the situation from the police. Keep calm and stay on your best behavior.

Your actions before, during, and after an arrest can have a profound impact on the eventual outcome of any criminal charges.

That’s why it is so important to know beforehand how you will respond should you ever find yourself under arrest. Remember: most of the people arrested in this country never imagined they’d be in handcuffs someday. It could happen to your friends. It could happen to you.

As experienced Tyler criminal defense lawyers, we have helped a great many people achieve a dismissal of all criminal charges, even after an arrest. While we fight hard and employ every available strategy, our defense is made immeasurably easier when the suspect responds appropriately during arrest.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following pointers, bookmark this page on your computer and your smartphone, and forward it to your friends. It’s that important.

How to Handle Being Arrested in Texas: Dos and Don’ts

You may notice that our list of Don’ts is longer than our list of Do’s. When being placed under arrest, there are a few proactive steps you can take but many more common mistakes that you can avoid.

If the police have decided to arrest you, you will not be able to stop it from happening. Your goal is to get through the arrest without making things worse for yourself.

When being arrested, DO:

  • Stay calm.
  • Be respectful to the officers.
  • Exit your vehicle if asked to.
  • Ask to speak to your attorney.
  • Be observant.
  • Provide name and address information (only if asked).
  • Make a mental note about everything that is happening.
  • Be very careful about what you say, speaking as little as possible.


  • Admit that you have done anything wrong.
  • Apologize for anything.
  • Talk to the police officers about anything that happened.
  • Answer any questions (other than identifying yourself), even if it seems like innocent small talk.
  • Believe anything police officers tell you. (They are allowed to lie.)
  • Run away.
  • Resist arrest, even if the officers are being abusive. (You can’t make it better in that moment.)
  • Argue with officers.
  • Threaten the officers.
  • Give permission for the officers to search you, your car, your home, or your property.
  • Step outside of your home.
  • Invite police into your home.
  • Glance at locations where you would rather the police not search.
  • Allow your friends to make statements to the police. (Calmly ask them to stay quiet so that your attorney can have these conversations instead.)
  • Become hysterical.
  • Lose your temper.
  • Talk with anyone else at the scene.

After Being Arrested in Texas : Dos and Don’ts

After an arrest, you might make bail or otherwise be released.

In that case, DO:

  • Call an experienced Tyler criminal defense lawyer right away.
  • Get a new cell phone and phone number.
  • Stay out of trouble.


  • Talk with anyone about what happened. (Not even family.)
  • Make incriminating social media posts.
  • Send incriminating emails or text messages. (Your phone records will likely be subpoenaed, and your phone may now be tapped.)
  • Decide to take matters into your own hands. (Let your lawyer handle everything instead.)
  • Contact others who may be implicated in the alleged crime.

Arrested? Call Our Tyler Criminal Defense Lawyers Right Now.

Police officers are not on your side. Prosecutors are not on your side. Even if a close friend or family member is on your side, their actions and statements can easily be misconstrued and used against you. For that matter, your own actions and statements can — and will — be used against you.

A careless utterance can devastate your defense. You must keep calm and proceed wisely. Commit these guidelines to memory and contact our office as soon as possible after an arrest.

In fact, we recommend storing our law firm’s phone number in your cell phone so that you will have it when you need it.

Our firm exists to help people who have been arrested or accused of crimes in Texas and beyond. We have a long record of success stories from all around the country. We can help, but the outcome also depends on you.

Your charges will not dismiss themselves, but a dismissal is exactly what we will fight for you. If you or someone you know has been arrested, please contact our experienced Tyler criminal defense lawyers at Oberheiden, P.C. right away.