Elizabeth Stepp

Elizabeth Stepp is the head of the Firm’s civil and criminal appeal’s division. Over the past twenty years, Ms. Stepp has handled dozens of direct appeals, petitions for habeas corpus, and petitions for mandamus on behalf of individual and corporate clients in courts throughout the United States. Furthermore, Ms. Stepp served the Fifth District Court of Appeals in Dallas, Texas for several years as a staff attorney, a function that allowed her to work closely and on a day to day basis with appeals judges on virtually all relevant aspects of filing and deciding appeal matters.

Throughout her career of more than twenty years as a litigator, Ms. Stepp has gained particular experience in cases including drug possession, possession with intent to distribute, RICO, attempted murder, conspiracy, assault, terrorism, internet crimes, hacking, and contempt of court.  In addition to direct appeals challenging the sufficiency of evidence, Ms. Stepp has handled hundreds of petitions for habeas corpus and petitions for mandamus raising issues of jury selection, procedural errors, and ineffective assistance of counsel.

Ms. Stepp is a graduate of Yale Law School (1993) and admitted to practice law in New York and Texas as well as before the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit and a number of other federal courts in Colorado and Texas.

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